R + D + i


Research, Development and innovation

We apply research, development and innovation in our saddles.


With more than 100 years of experience, Zaldi deploys the knowledge learned during four generations manufacturing saddles based on constant development and innovation.

 Zaldi Saddlery combines comfort, design and flexibility to offer the rider maximum union with his horse. The technology is at the service of the specialization to offer more than 100 models of different saddles: certified quality products, Zaldi quality products.

 A case in point is the high-end Zaldi saddles carry the new dual density tree, with different densities for horse and rider.

This new tree has the ability to adjust completely to the back of the horse a development which together with the dual density gives benefits to both horse and rider. At the bottom part of the tree (1.5cms in thickness), the part that is contact with the horse’s back the foam is designed to expand and spread the rider’s weight over the horse’s back, so avoiding pressure points. With 10% elasticity to allow reverse rotation, so giving the horse full freedom of movement.

This is the product of years of study for the optimum density to distribute weight evenly across the horse’s back, to spread the pressure in a homogeneous way so to avoid overloading the dorsal muscle mass and in this way eliminating restrictions on pressure points that could degenerate into mechanical problems and pain for the horse. Incorporating an open structure in the back and arms of the tree to allow full adaption for the back and neck.

The top side of the tree has been optimized in design (0.5cms thick) for rider comfort, it is elastic, absorbs shock and allows free passage of the horse’s energy. The weight of the rider, taken from the points of contact, is spread over the surface providing a feeling of weightlessness without pressure points. Spreading the weight evenly gives a positive result and makes riding more enjoyable.