Company Zaldi


Zaldi products are the result of contact maintained daily with expert riders, during their training, competitions and exhibitions, and with each of the customers, in the general use of their products.


Four are the Zaldi generations, who have evolved their saddles and accessories. Zaldi makes all their experience and work available to users.


Zaldi is synonymous with Tradition + Technology, being the speed and good work, the main characteristics of the guarantee of an unbeatable service.


Then it started exporting to Europe. Currently, between 60 and 70% of Zaldi products go abroad and export to countries on five continents.

Tradition + Technology

Zaldi is present every day in his shop, also as an exclusive distributor of horse products in Spain and Portugal. Zaldi intends to be close to its customers to participate actively in the main fairs and exhibitions, always with the aim of listening, researching and evolving each of its products.