New Thigh block of Zaldi Saddles. Proprietary.


TM-System : Thigh block

The TM-System or thigh block of Zaldi, provides maximum balance without losing the seat, you get more freedom of movement when the knee is released and you get a double control on the horse with half the effort.


It is absolutely essential that you adjust to your measure and to your personal taste for the maximum performance of the system. You have two main positions , flat or curved, and six other combinations for a higher or lower position, plus advanced or delayed positions looking for the optimal tilt for maximum adjustment to your thigh.


This new system of thigh block or TM-System is optional in our saddles. You can request your new chair with the built-in system. We are currently implanting it in the disciplines of dressage, general use, endurance and vaquera. If you do not consider it, you have our wide range of saddles available with the different variants of traditional block-knee braces.


There are two possibilities of positioning the TM-System or thigh block, one is the PLAIN position of contact with the leg and the other the CURVE position .

New system applicable to other Zaldi saddles and that we offer together with our wide range of saddles with knee pad. Our dream will change your life.

Greater freedom of movement when having a free knee

As always, when using a knee-pad, the knees have been occupied while we ride, both to hold and to hold the horse. With the new system, being subjects on the thigh we leave the knees free to perform our aids and supports with full ease.

We believe that this new system will help the riders to improve their riding, and that there may be a before and after for them once they have tried it. We present a new concept, an evolution based on the research and experience of more than four generations as saddlers working together with elite riders.

Other systems in the current market have followed similar lines in their evolution and development, but they always influence the knee. With our TM-System or thigh block as you can see in the image, it is free and the pressure acts on the middle third of the thigh. Leaving the knee free, fact that other high knee braces do not fully release.

Double control with half effort

Then, thanks to the use of the TM-System or thigh block, the knee is free and rested to be able to perform the necessary movements for supports and aids, expanding its radius and play. By pressing the thigh block on the middle third of the thigh, this subject us to the saddle and horse without having to strain with the knee and thus avoiding the leverage that we threw out of the seat. Our body, not being subjected to pressures in the lower part, regains a perfect, upright and relaxed position of riding. We also reduce the force that we exerted downwards and gallops downwards, thus rejecting, to the minimum expression, the rebound, punishment and beating on the back of the horse.

Maximum balance without losing the seat

Before, with the knee-pad, to hold us we needed to press with the knee. This effort made us limited in terms of functionality and movement, with consequent limitations in our aids and supports.

In turn, we generated an upward force that, in the form of a lever, caused us to get out of the seat. Also, when trotting or galloping, to recover our seat and position, we exerted a downward force that really hit the back of the horse constantly.

Therefore, being more relaxed and freed from our body pressures, we can perform double control over the horse, uniting these two factors (relaxation and control), will be very beneficial for the evolution and improvement of our riding.

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