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Zaldi is present today in this web of products, and every day in its store, through its distributors. Zaldi intends to be close to its customers and participate actively in the main fairs and exhibitions, always with the aim of listening, researching and evolving each of its products.


ZALDI SILLAS DE MONTAR S.A. has more than 35 years of experience in the world of export. The first country where the Zaldi saddles were exported was E.E.U.U., selling most of the production of factory saddles.


Four are the Zaldi generations, who have evolved their saddles and accessories. Zaldi makes all their experience and work available to users.


Zaldi is synonymous with Tradition + Technology, being the speed and good work, the main characteristics of the guarantee of an unbeatable service.

Continuous expansion

Then it started exporting to Europe. First to Germany, ... after France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Austria, Switzerland ... Currently, between 60 and 70% of Zaldi products go abroad and export to countries of the five continents.

Royal Houses

The Zaldi saddles are used by different Royal Houses, as are the cases of the Royal Guard of Bahrain or some members of the Jordanian royalty.

Zaldi in Hollywood

Zaldi products have also been protagonists in Hollywood, since in the last film about Robin Hood, all the actors used Zaldi saddles.

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